Agribusiness GDP

Minas Gerais Agribusiness GDP
2012 – 2021 (R$ billion)

Agribusiness GDP | 2021: R$ 177.1 billion 

22% of total state GDP.

Exports: US$ 10.3 billion in 2021

33.2% of all exports from the state, and 8.9% of sector exports from Brazil.
Noteworthy production


Highest-producing state
55.8% of national output
2.06 million tons


2nd-highest producing state
10.4% of national output
78.4 million tons


3rd-highest headcount
8.3% of national headcount
20.9 million head


Highest-producing state
227.3% of national output
9.7 billion litres


2nd-highest producing state
6% of national output
997,000 tons


3rd-highest producing state
8.5% of national output
406 million dozen


Highest-producing state
33.6% of national output
1.3 million tons


2nd-highest producing state
31.2% of national output
863,000 tons


3rd-highest producing state
17% of national output
50.4 million dozen


Largest overall herd nationally
19.3% of total Brazilian herd
3.1 million head


2nd-highest producing state
18.2% of national output
553,000 tons


4th-largest overall herd nationally
10.2% of Brazilian herd total
22.2 million head


Largest overall herd nationally
13.9% of total Brazilian herd 
828,000 head


3rd-highest producing state
13.7% of national output
514,000 tons


4th-largest overall herd nationally
12.7% of total Brazilian herd
5.2 million head

Sources: Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE)

Agribusiness Balance in Minas Gerais

The Minas Gerais Agribusiness Balance, in its third edition compiled by the State Department for Agriculture, Livestock & Supply (SEAPA), presents key agribusiness production results in the state for 2022.

Key Companies

Education, Research & Development

Professional Qualification

Minas Gerais Farming Research Corporation – EPAMIG

Principal public state institution for research, development, and innovation in agriculture and livestock-raising in Minas Gerais. Key aims include: promoting the transfer of technologies and innovation for sustainable farming; offering technical, vocational, higher, and post-graduation courses in farming and agroindustry; training technicians and producers in farming and agroindustry; contributing to the formulation and application of the state farming policy. 

Technical Institute of Farming & Cooperativism – ITAC

Founded in 1990 and linked to EPAMIG, the institute operated until 2021 as a high-school level vocational establishment geared towards the farming sector. At the end of 2022, with approval of its accreditation to offer degree-level courses, in that very same year ITAC rolled out its graduation course Technology in Precision Farming. The institute is also planning to structure other professional qualification and lato sensu postgraduation courses.

Cândido Tostes Dairy Institute – ILCT

The Cândido Tostes Dairy Institute, also an arm of EPAMIG, with almost 90 years of background, is Latin America’s first dairy school. Focused on the needs and innovations of the dairy market, the institute offers a degree-level course in Dairy Technology, technical and vocational courses, in-house training, and, through its partnership with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) and Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF), a vocational master’s in Science & Technology of Milk and Derivatives

Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company of the State of Minas Gerais – EMATER-MG

The MG Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Corporation plans, coordinates, and implements technical assistance and rural extension programs to improve productive conditions, increase output, and promote the sustainable development of family agriculture in Minas Gerais State.

Brazilian Association of Zebu Breeders – ABCZ

Headquartered in the city of Uberaba, the Brazilian Association of Zebu (humped cattle) Ranchers has the mission of increasing beef and milk production through genealogical registration, genetic enhancement, and promotion of zebuine cattle breeds. ABCZ has more than 22,000 associates, and a network of over 20 regional offices across Brazil, counting among its primary activities the Program for Genetic Enhancement of Zebuine Cattle – PMGZ, and organizing and running the ExpoZebu and ExpoGenética trade fairs.  

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