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The economic potential of Minas Gerais is not only analyzed by the economic data of the state, but by its strategic and geographic location in the southeast region of Brazil. The region accounts for 55.2% of the Brazilian GDP, and a per capita GDP of R$ 29.718,00. (IBGE 2012)

Minas Gerais is the second Brazilian state in the number of inhabitants, with an estimated population of 20.87 million in 2015, and a per capita household income of R$ 1.128,00. (IBGE 2015)


According to IBGE and iPC Marketing, Minas Gerais has the second largest consumer market in Brazil, represented by 10.4% of total consumption. However, considering the southeast region as a whole, companies in Minas Gerais have a huge logistics advantage with easy access to almost 50% of the Brazilian consumer market and an estimated consumer potential of R$ 1,826 billion in 2016.

Minas Gerais is the largest water producer for the most economically active area of the country. – Source: IGAM.