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The State of Minas Gerais is in the southeast region of Brazil, at the heart of an area that concentrates 2/3rds of Brazilian production and close to the large decision centers of the Brazil. There is easy access to some of the main cities of Brazil, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and the capital, Brasília. The main Brazilian ports are: Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Paranaguá and those in the Espírito Santo port complex.

Mapa_sudesteThe state has borders with: Bahia (north and northeast), Espírito Santo (east), Rio de Janeiro (southeast), São Paulo (south and southeast), Mato Grosso do Sul (west), Goiás (northeast), and Brasília.

The lack of access to the sea is compensated by the fact that it is the main corridor linking the various regions of Brazil: a large part of overland transportation of cargo and passengers passes necessarily through its territory.

Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, together with another 33 municipalities, make up Greater Belo Horizonte Region also known as Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte (RMBH), the largest in the state and the most dynamic development hub. RMBH has approximately 5 million inhabitants and accounts for 1/3 of the state GDP.


Minas Gerais has 853 municipalities and is larger than countries such as France, Sweden, Spain and Japan: 587 thousand sq km, or 7% of the Brazilian territory.