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With about 400 industries and employing almost 15 thousand people, this segment is considered a priority in the economic development of Minas Gerais. Much of the activity is in the south of the state, in the area known as the Electronics Valley, around Santa Rita do Sapucaí. However, other places in the state – such as the Greater Belo Horizonte Region and the municipalities of Extrema and Varginha – also have great players in the sector, as can be seen through the icons below.

Medical and laboratory equipment

The Greater Belo Horizonte Region is a large producer of medical and laboratory equipment, driving the development of new technologies and aggregating greater value to the production chain. This hub caught the attention of companies, such as GE and Philips, that have extended their activities in the state in recent years, with the acquisition of local players, expanding and modernizing their production lines.

Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances

The production and sale of home appliance and other individual electronic products is significant. There are companies such as Philips Walita and Taiff, in Varginha, as well as Multilaser, in Extrema. In 2015, these three factories alone had an income of over BRL 2 billion, employing about 2400 people.


With the establishment of Unitec Semicondutores in Ribeirão das Neves, in the Greater Belo Horizonte Region, Minas Gerais took a decisive step in the development of a semiconductor production chain in Brazil. It is the most modern plant of semiconductors in the Southern Hemisphere, the first to operate in all the manufacturing process. Other initiatives that drive the sector include the memory encapsulation plant of Multilaser Componentes, the CSEM Brasil Research Center and the Portuguese Nanium project, still under construction.

The Electronics Valley

The 153 technology based industries of the Electronics Valley are organized as a Local Production Arrangement – an environment in which companies establish a number of production, cooperation and learning links amongst themselves and with teaching institutions and government entities. They provide over 13 thousand products to the market, employ about 10 thousand people and have an annual income of about BRL 2.2 billion, according to SINDVEL.

In the electronics field there are several undergraduate, masters and doctoral courses available in Minas Gerais, as shown in the graph. In Santa Rita do Sapucaí there is the Technical Electronics School – the first in Latin America – and the renowned National Telecommunications Institute (INATEL), offering several engineering and technology courses. SENAI is also present in the region, providing structures such as the Mechanical Design Prototyping Laboratory. Minas Gerais labor costs are lower compared to those of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. See the comparison of professions in the electronics sector in the table below.


Vale da Eletrônica: inovação como motor do desenvolvimento regional.


Sindvel         Inatel         Unitec         CSEM Brasil



aspas“… Fênix follows the dedication of INDI in the development of industries in the State of Minas Gerais and highlights the importance of its assistance…”

Charlie Shih, Director of Operations. Fênix Indústria de Eletrônicos Ltda.



aspas“… The work of INDI in our project was always based on the view of the business. In this way, it works as a true partner, seeking to find a model that aligns the needs of the companies to the availability and/or possible difficulties in the State…”

Domingos Dragone, VP Manufatura – Latin America. Black&Decker do Brasil