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Minas Gerais is the second largest Brazilian automotive production hub and accounts for 18.4% of national vehicle production in 2015. The main factories are Fiat, operating in Betim since 1976,  Mercedes-Benz, established in Juiz de Fora in 1999, and Iveco, in Sete Lagoas since 2000. There was also a growth in the local consumer market in this segment with the licensing of new vehicles in Brazil, between 2000 and 2015, rising from 8.3% to 13.2%. Source: ANFAVEA – Brazilian Automotive Industry Annual Report (2016).

Car parts

The car part sector in Minas Gerais is an established production chain with several suppliers. The income of companies in the state – members of Sindipeças Union – was estimated in R$ 9.75 billion in 2014, with a total of 29.010 employees. Source: Sindipeças – Performance of Car Parts Sector (2015).

There were 156,217 students registered in engineering courses in Minas Gerais in 2014, of which 12,207 were in their final year. Mechanical engineering was a highlight, with 20,859 students. Source: MEC/INEP Microdados (2014). The state´s universities also stand out for the quality of their programs and three of them (UFMG, UFV and UFLA) are among the 10 best Brazilian universities. Source: IGC/INEP (2014).


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