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The aerospace sector of Minas Gerais is very strong nationally and internationally because of the high qualification of our higher education institutions and the presence of large companies, such as Embraer, Helibras, IAS, GOL and Azul. The State of Minas Gerais focuses on developing and strengthening the sector through measures involving research institutes, universities, industry and government, contributing to a favorable environment of essential connectivity in a globalized world.  


The Aerospace Engineering Degree of the UFMG, established in 2009, has the objective of training professionals with a strong scientific and technological core, with two possible majors: Aeronautics and Astronautics. It has a range of technical, scientific and arts subjects. Confirming the excellence of the professionals graduating in this course, in August 2015, the aircraft Anequim, projected and manufactured in UFMG, beat 4 world records.

Tancredo Neves (Belo Horizonte) International Airport

The Tancredo Neves International Airport (Belo Horizonte Airport), in the municipality of Confins, is the main airport in the state and one of the most important in Brazil, with 11.3 million passengers in 2015. With an investment of R$ 1.5 billion in the next decade, the BH Airport owners intend to raise the capacity to 22 million passengers a year.

The volume of passengers in the BH Airport had an average annual growth of 13.12% between 2006 and 2015.


A condominium of aerospace knowledge is being built in Lagoa Santa, in the Greater Belo Horizonte area. It will have 108 lots of different sizes to house companies from the aerospace sector and a helicenter, which together will have a total of 500 thousand square meters with the required infrastructure.

Labor Force

Minas Gerais has many relevant institutions training professionals qualified for the aeronautics sector, such as UFMG and FUMEC with aeronautic engineering courses in Belo Horizonte. The Federal University of Itajubá has an Aeronautics Mechanical Engineering course designed for the manufacture of helicopters. Besides the high level of the higher education institutions, the state also has the Senai-MG aircraft maintenance technical course.

Source: Rais MTPS 2014



aspasThe expansion of Embraer in Minas Gerais is part of a project to consolidate the state´s Aeronautics.

Mario Lott, Gerente Geral do CETE-MG

Source: Embraer



aspasHelibras is a company that has been growing and winning the Brazilian market, mainly within the public security sector. I am happy to be a ‘mineiro’ because we have a company such as Helibras in Minas Gerais. I thank all the employees for their competence, respect and capacity and for the aircraft, which is a fantastic machine

Josué Martins Fontana, civil pilot; retired colonel of the Polícia Militar de Minas Gerais.

Source: Embraer