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Frequently Asked Questions

Tudo o que você precisa saber sobre o investimento em Minas Gerais e sobre o papel desempenhado pelo INDI

How can INDI help me?

INDI assists companies willing to invest in Minas Gerais in the conception, implementation, beginning of operations and the expansion of investment projects, through services such as:

  • interface with public and private entities according to the stage of the project;
  • support to public utilities for the availability of adequate infrastructure;
  • supply of intelligence information and market data and the socio-economic environment:
  • provides detailed information about spaces available for projects, including technical visits to sites;
  • engagement with financial agents (BDMG, BNDES e BNB) to obtain lines of credit;
  • hold business meetings between potential customers, suppliers and partners;
  • support and guidance throughout the licensing process of enterprises with the environmental agencies.

Does INDI charge for services?

INDI does not charge for any of its services.

How to access INDI’s services?

Contact the area Talk to us or call +55 (31) 3915-2892. Your request will be forwarded to the relevant sector that will contact you as soon as possible.

What are the sectors serviced by INDI?

INDI has no restriction and services industry and services in general.

Does INDI have experience in dealing with foreign companies?

Yes, INDI has provided assistance for some time to foreign companies and delegations, with teams of analysts who speak foreign languages.

Does INDI provide tax incentives?

No. INDI helps in the dialogue with the Minas Gerais Treasury Secretariat, which is the agency responsible for approving special tax conditions.

To have support from INDI do I have to sign a Protocol of Intentions (MOU)?

No. The Protocol of Intentions (MOU) is a tool which INDI, companies and the Government of Minas Gerais use to make investments feasible.

Does INDI fund investment projects?

No. INDI is an agency that fosters investments and it does not work with funding. However, it assists in the interface with development banks, such as BDMG, BNDES and Banco do Nordeste.

How to make land and infrastructure of my municipality available for INDI to indicate?

In the session Talk to us, section, send information so that the INDI team can include the infrastructure of the municipality in its database.