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In a historic moment, Minas Gerais State Investment Promotion Agency modernizes brand to improve communication with potential investors

Postado em 22/04/2016 às 18:07:16

Indi is now ‘Invest Minas’

The Investment and Trade Promotion Agency (Indi) has changed its name to “Invest Minas”. The office is launching a new, more modern, and attractive visual identity, aiming to further captivate potential investors for the State. The changes come at a special time, when the Government of Minas Gerais reaches historical marks of investment attraction, surpassing the current management’s initial forecasts.

The new cycle in the history of the agency began in January 2019, still as Indi, with the urgent need to make the state economy grow to overcome one of the most serious financial crises in the history of Minas Gerais. To face this challenge, the agency based its performance on three basic pillars: development strategy, investor-focused solutions, and international protagonism. This planning made it clear that the agency had to change its brand and name to better communicate its mission, inside and outside Brazil.

João Paulo Braga, CEO of Invest Minas, says: “People have asked us if we represent the US state of Indiana. An agency that has the responsibility to design Minas Gerais as a destination for investors around the world needs to carry with it the name of our State. The new brand is a modernization symbol of the institution in its 53 years of existence, taking an important step so that the agency continues to make difference in the lives of Minas Gerais’ citizens “.

The name Invest Minas was chosen after many studies. The term is in line with what is used around the world by most Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs), which do the same job of attracting investments. This will simplify understanding by potential investors and potential international partners.

The new logo is also more modern and brings several elements related to Minas Gerais. The symbol brings to mind, at the same time, the mountains of Minas, the letter “M”, the triangle of the state flag, and the icon of infinity, representing Minas Gerais’ potential and investment opportunities.

Business improvement

Led by Romeu Zema, and with the support of Invest Minas, the current administration of the Government of Minas Gerais promoted a significant improvement in the business environment in the State. The new legislation eliminated bureaucratic obstacles, simplified processes, and granted benefits for trade between companies located in the State, strengthening sectors and generating jobs and revenue. All this makes Minas Gerais the best Brazillian state to invest in today.

The modernizations caught the attention of large, medium, and small enterprises that felt encouraged to set up or to expand existing businesses in Minas Gerais, resulting in a record volume of attracted investments.

In this year of 2021, the Government of Minas Gerais surpassed the record of attracted investments for a single year since 1998, when this figure began to be measured. In addition, in just three years, the agency’s current management has already surpassed its four-year investment attraction forecast by more than 25%.

João Paulo Braga adds: “The result of this new phase gains strength with the transformation of the agency into Invest Minas, praising the role of the office, reformulated and guided by a government platform willing to make Minas Gerais the best state for those who want to work and do business. In addition, Invest Minas contemplates the current reality of integrated markets, where borders are relative, and the digital economy is globally connected”.

Social impact

The large resources attracted are positively impacting the lives of Minas Gerais citizens. Between 2019 and 2021, more than 100,000 direct jobs, and another 250,000 indirect ones, were created by companies that set up or expanded their projects in Minas.

Among the sectors that have invested the most in Minas since 2019 are mining, clean energy, electronics, food and beverages, and logistics, with emphasis on e-commerce – a sector in which the state has achieved national leadership.

In this regard, the Secretary of State for Economic Development, Fernando Passalio emphasizes: “Governor Romeu Zema’s orientation is to provide decent employment to all our citizens. And today we find that attracting private investments is the best path to generate income and work opportunities. Several transformations were carried out within the State to achieve excellent results”.


Invest Minas also managed to increase its relevance outside Brazil and its dialogue with foreign investors, multilateral development institutions, and chambers of commerce from several countries. Last October, in Nashville (USA), the agency was awarded by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) for its plan to attract e-commerce companies and for the promotional material “Why Minas Gerais”, released to potential investors. It was the first time for a Brazilian institution to receive this award.

Since October 2019, Invest Minas has hosted the Regional Directorate for South America of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA), strengthening the agency as a reference for national and foreign companies to promote their business in the South American continent.