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Loja Elétrica Ltda

Wagner Ferreira Mattos

Financial Administrative Director

“...Our partnership with INDI was always based on a lot of transparency and trust, and on the certainty of the intention of the Institute to support the enterprise in the State…”

Lojas Dione

Henrique Silva Palhares


“...INDI was able to give me the necessary support for the project to move forward. The solution came quickly and 15 days later they invited me and my team to one more meeting to present the possible solutions, and with the professionals who would guide in the process. The project flowed and today, the business is in full activity, and INDI follows this evolution through annual reports which record the commitments between the company and the State…”

M&G Fibras Brasil Ltda.

Lineu Jorge Frayha


“...The partnership with INDI was essential to the feasibility of the setup of the new PET Recycling unit in the M&G Fibras Brasil factory in Poços de Caldas. The collaboration and promptness in the service provided by the Institute were a mainstay for the success in the setup of this project…”


Denilton J. Silva

General Director

“...Today we have eight factories, and from 2010 until today we opened seven new units, all with the full support of INDI in setting up the partnership with government, City Halls and our own company, resulting in very successful projects…”

Mercoquímica Indústria e Comércio Ltda.

João Ernesto

Administrative Superintendent

“...INDI is an extremely important partner and continues to be an extremely important factor for the support and leverage of our business, because, without this relationship, the Minas Gerais companies would be utterly without support…”

Municipal Office of Economic Development of Poços de Caldas

Rodrigo Francisco dos Reis

Secretary of Economic Development

“...Thanks to the dedication, focus and responsibility of all the personnel that worked with us, the city of Poços de Caldas is living a unique moment in its history. We have to be very grateful. Warm greetings to all and Poços de Caldas feels very grateful…”