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Alexandre Calderano

Legal Department

“... At every moment INDI provided us with speed and agility the information we needed, helping us also to find the suppliers of our raw material and packaging in Minas Gerais. The Institute also supported us in the speedy concession of registrations and licenses necessary to start the company activities ...”

Fênix Indústria de Eletrônicos Ltda

Charlie Shih

Director of Operations

“... Fênix observes the dedication of INDI in the development of companies in the State of Minas Gerais and affirms the importance of its assistance...”


Leonardo Fares


“... The advances that MGTI has brought to the IT sector in Minas Gerais have, as one of its main pillars, the construction of a strong institutional interaction. In this context, INDI has been a strong supporter and interface since the beginning of the program ...”


Roberto Abramson

Executive Director

“...INDI is, without a doubt, an example of an institution marked out to develop the industrial sector,  attracting/retaining enterprises and investors in Minas Gerais, which brings about an increase in tax collection, formal jobs, and, above all, a greater competitiveness to Minas Gerais companies…”

India Soft

Mr Saumen Chakraborty

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Francisco Donizetti Sandy

Systems Analyst of Integrated Management

INDI has contributed significantly for the development of companies, supporting them whenever necessary.

Jacutinga City Hall

Miller Moliani de Lima

Secretary of Economic Development

“...The partnership of the Jacutinga City Hall with INDI is essential for the implementation of the policy of diversification of the local economy, with a focus on generating income and employment. We have already seen results and we are sure that in the near future we will strengthen the industry of the municipality and the state of Minas Gerais…”