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Founded in 1968, Invest Minas is the Minas Gerais State Government’s Investment Promotion Agency – the first of its kind in Brazil. We have more than 50 years’ experience promoting the attraction of investments and expansion of companies based in the state, contributing to job creation for the people of Minas Gerais.

I’d like to invest

Record-holder in investment attraction in Brazil.
Clear, well-organized incentive structure.
Pro-business government.
An agency that understands your business.

I’d like to attract investment to my city

Support in investment attraction for municipalities.
Organization of and participation in municipal investment attraction events.
·We have a comprehensive database of specific land areas and properties for the attraction of companies to the state.

Why MG?

Strong and diversified economy
Strategic geographic location
Economic potential
Pro-investment framework
Low costs of doing business

Find out more about the Decarbonization Route

The Decarbonization Route is an alliance between key actors in the Minas Gerais economy, geared towards accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy while leveraging green investments and jobs, and enhancing the competitiveness of products from Minas around the globe

Record-holder in investment attraction and job creation

Investment attraction values
Projects attracted
Municipalities served
Job creation

*Data collated between 2019 and 2024

Recognition of Invest Minas

Strategic sectors

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Rail Transport


Life Sciences







Success stories

Companies investing in Minas Gerais

The attractiveness of Minas Gerais as a location for new investments by WEG stood out after a lengthy analysis of several alternatives across Brazil. In addition to support from the Minas Gerais State Government, through Invest Minas and the Betim Municipal Authority, we will enjoy a thriving market, privileged location, access to strategic routes, and a robust industrial culture, underpinned by a sound educational base and first-rate technical and higher-education courses, ensuring the availability of a qualified workforce, says Manfred (director).

We shall be commencing our manufacturing operations in the third quarter of 2024, hopefully in July. We have a number of investments planned, and we are certain that they will be brought to fruition with the ongoing support we receive.

Eric Wang, Midea Global President

Thanks to the Agency, Yara has access to the different State Government segments responsible for the licensing and tax characterization of our project, with ongoing professional dialogue. This has enabled us to move forward on relevant matters in the sector agenda, and those concerning our operations

Leonardo Silva, vice-president of operations at Yara do Brasil – fertilizer manufacturer

Invest Minas has wholeheartedly supported all of our requirements. The agency has unswervingly expedited our dealings with the different regulators, such as the MG Board of Trade (JUCEMG) and the State Treasury Secretary, for example. They have also facilitated a channel of communication with the Minas Gerais Federation of Industries (FIEMG), while also steering us through the tax incentives. This assertive support has, for us, opened doors into the state, guiding us along the best pathways. If it hadn’t been for Invest Minas, we would not be at such an advanced stage, and would probably not have arrived at where we are now.

Aloizio Teixeira, CEO of Tangará – Food Service

The technical support we received from the Treasury Secretary and Invest Minas is well worthy of mention.

Nilton Nunes, Manager

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